Victorian Aquaduct repair

September 2013

A slightly unusual but highly complex project was completed during September by the lining division. The project was to provide a permanent solution to repair a leaking Victorian, cast iron, aquaduct on the river Colne. The flow of the river was diverted over one half of the aquaduct while works to seal the base where underway. A 2mm double textured HDPE membrane was installed from the cast iron walls and across the base and secured using steel batten. The flow of the river was then diverted to the other half of the aquaduct and the same process completed. Access to the site, which made the job even more unusual, was via a 3 mile rail tunnel built over 250 years ago.

A second lagoon on the site of a new Anaerobic Digestion plant in Grimsby has been completed. The lining division installed a lagoon liner to the digestiate lagoon and have been instructed to supply and install a floating cover which will be carried out in October. They also completed the installation of a reed bed liner and geotextile to the project in Scotland with a further to projects in West Sussex to begin in October. Works have also continued on the installation of landfill capping liners on projects in Warwickshire, Hampshire and Staffordshire.

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