Successful audit for ‘blue chip’ customer

Feature lake Devon

June 2015

Enviroseal completed the audit process of our health and safety procedures and installation methods without issue for the new multinational blue chip company. The earthworks and lining for the refurbishment of the existing lagoon was completed early which minimised the lagoon shut down period of the plant.
A lake liner with other geosynthetics for landscaping was installed to a feature lake for a private client in Okehampton. Other works completed during June included anaerobic digestion tank leakage detection liners, anaerobic digestion lagoon liners, landfill capping liners. We also installed liners to a number of pits across the country which are part of a hugely popular series of events providing obstacle course for adults.
Enviroseal have secured a number of projects for the lining of attenuation ponds on new build industrial and multi-use sites.

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