On-shore Oil and Gas platform liner

November 2013

Enviroseal’s work in the oil and gas sector has continued to develop with the installation of a liner to the base of a new on-shore drilling platform. The works required mechanical fixing of the materials to several concrete structures and the fabrication of bespoke fittings for sealing to a series of large manhole.

The floating cover to the lagoon in Grimsby was completed and handed over to the client. The design of the floats, which are incorporated in to the cover, was developed and modified by our design department to give a better aesthetic finish while still keeping the same required high level of performance. The lining system for a new waste water treatment reed bed in West Sussex have been completed with work due to commence on a further two in December. Enviroseal have also secured work to install a lake liner on one of the UK’s most prestigious golf courses during December. This is alongside a diverse order book which includes installation of gas memebranes, reservoir liners, anaerobic digestion tank liners, slurry lagoon liners and several landfill capping projects over the coming months.

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