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Despite one of the wettest winters in recent history Enviroseal’s lining division has managed to complete numerous projects across the country. Working alongside our pipe division the technicians finished lining the new anaerobic digestion plant in Andover. This high complex project was the first of its kind in the UK incorporating a geosynthetic leakage detection system, lining, secondary containment and insulation on the below ground project.

Enviroseal continue to be one of the leading geosynthetic installation contractors in the Anaerobic Digestion sector. We are currently working on sites all over the country installing digestate lagoon liners, tank liners and also lining the entire tank bund areas on some sites.

Technicians have been installing several slurry lagoon liners in the agricultural sector. We have also installed four slurry lagoons with our floating covers which are UV stable. Due to the design of the floating covers and the high grade materials we use they have a minimum design life of 25 years which far exceeds other floating cover solutions on the market.

In the second quarter of the year Enviroseal have secured a substantial amount of projects including reservoir lining, lake lining for a new golf course, attenuation tank lining, attenuation pond lining and several projects more in the anaerobic digestion sector in both the UK and Ireland. We are also hopeful of commencing the second phase of the lining to the tailings dam in Plymouth.

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