New work for March

March 2015

Enviroseal have completed two of the three attenuation ponds on new industrial estate near Kettering. Our scope was also extended to line a 480Lmv ditch on the site. The technicians have also completed the installation of a substantial slurry lagoon liner in Shropshire on a site that we have worked on for a number of years.

The company also commenced and handed over a 22,000m2 temporary capping project in Leeds. The client was requested by the Environment Agency to cap the area as a matter of urgency and Enviroseal supplied, installed, tested and handed over the entire area in less than 15 days.

Enviroseal have also secured two projects this month that will require the use of a membrane engineered for contaminated land, water resources and groundwater protection, environmental protection and secondary containment. The projects in Cambridge and Surrey necessitated independent UKAS laboratory tests to confirm the materials where suitable for the site specific conditions and also able to act as gas membranes.

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