New projects

September 2014

The technicians have completed the works on the project to install the lining system to the base of a new on-shore drilling platform in the North West. The two layer leakage detection system to the lagoon in Salisbury has also been tested and handed over to the client.
Enviroseal have secured works to install a geosynthetic lining system to a new series of silage clamps and lagoons on an Anaerobic Digestion site near Andover. The works involve the installation of a HDPE geomembrane and geotextile to the clamps and lagoons. We also had to test and approve a stainless steel fixing to secure a perimeter skirt of HDPE to be secured around the base of the clamps. The company have also won a project to supply and install our multi layer leakage detection system to a lagoon on a site near Leeds with works expected to commence in October.

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