New projects underway in Jersey and Essex

April 2014

Enviroseal commenced work on the internal lining of three anaerobic digestion tanks in Jersey. The technical department worked closely with the main contractor during the pre-contract stage to develop the design for sealing around a number of protrusions in both the wall and roof. The project is expected to be completed during the second mobilisation in May.

The lining division also started works on three further lining projects in the anaerobic digestion sector including lining the base of a reception building, bunds and secondary containment to concrete tanks.

Work also recommenced on the installation of a major landfill capping liner project in Essex which is expected to be ongoing for several months. The installation teams have also been working on numerous other landfill projects including capping liners, basal liners and temporary landfill capping liners. Projects due to commence during the second quarter of the year include reed bed liners, slurry lagoon liners, lake liners, reservoir liners and digestiate lagoon liners.

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