Multi-Layer Geosynthetic Leakage Detection

October 2014

Enviroseal installed, tested and successfully commissioned the multi-layer geosynthetic leakage detection system to the lagoon near Leeds. The scope also included a network of leakage detection and monitoring pipes inside the lagoon.
The technicians installed and tested a geomembrane for a slightly unusual application in Wales. The membrane has been installed to the concrete base of a docking bay and sealed to the waterbar. Due to the nature of the project the second phase will be installed in November. Works have also continued on a number of landfill sites across the country with a number of landfill basal liners and landfill capping liners installed.
The company has also secured lining works for a number of tanks and concrete structures including more anaerobic digestion tanks, sumps and an internal lining of two condensate traps in Scotland. Orders have also been received for several pond liners, lake liners and attenuation pond lining projects.

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