Liner for man-made fishing lake

July 2013

The installation for the lining and leakage detection system for the digestiate lagoon in Gloucestershire has been completed and handed over to the client. The bespoke system is the first of its kind to be approved and installed on a digestiate lagoon in the UK. The pipe division have begun the installation of the agitation pipes for the lagoon and work is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Enviroseal have also installed a lake liner for a man made fishing lake near Aberdeen. The estate is on the River Dee and the lake will provide year round fishing for clients when unable to fish in the river. The liner for the lake was selected to provide the best environmental solution for the fish stock and the perimeter landscaped to allow the lake to fit in to its surroundings.

Also in Scotland the lining division have installed a geomembrane to provide a seal to an underground reservoir. The facility had been taken out of use due to the leaking roof. However, after installing the geomembrane and fabricated fittings for the roofs ventilation system the facility can be repaired and brought back in to operation.

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