Landfill sector, Lake Liners Anaerobic digestion

June 2013

Enviroseal’s work in the Landfill sector continues to be very active for both the civil division and the lining division with projects for a Landfill capping in Cheshire and a temporary Landfill capping for a major waste disposal client. The civil division are also close to completing the ground remediation project in the West Midlands and have secured the extra works on the site.

The lining division have also commenced a project to supply and install lake liner to two lakes for a private client in Somerset.

Projects in the anaerobic digestion sector are now accounting for a significant percentage of the companies’ works. We are currently working for a specialist German contractor on an Anaerobic Digester plant in Humberside. The lining division have also completed several anaerobic digestion tank and bund lining projects across the country. We have also been highly involved with the Environment Agency in the design and specification of a bespoke leakage detection system for a digestiate lagoon in Gloucestershire which is due to commence on site in late June.

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