Guernsey Airport

January 2015

The new year saw the continuation of poor weather across the country but despite this several projects started or continued on site including the lining of the concrete condensate traps in Scotland, the lining of the tailings area on the mining project in Devon and the lining of several anaerobic digestion tanks.

Enviroseal have also secured the lining of a cell for contaminated soils near Guernsey Airport with works due to commence in February. Orders have also been received for several pond liners, lake liners and attenuation pond lining projects.

The technical department at Enviroseal have been asked to consult on the design of a geosynthetic lining system for a new and highly prestigious golf course in South East Europe. Given the nature of the project, the location and the need for a high quality finish to the lakes on the course the selection and build-up of the materials is crucial to the overall landscaping of the project. The design has been passed over to the client for inclusion in the course design.

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