Geomembrane – Anaerobic Digestion Tank & Pond Liner Projects

January 2013

After enduring the wettest April on record Enviroseal are continuing to make progress on projects across the country. We have installed geomembrane liners on three of the tank bases on the project in the Shetland Islands and expect to return at the end of June to install another five.

Work on anaerobic digestion tank leakage protection has been completed on projects in Oxfordshire and South Wales. Progress is being made on spill containment of the concrete bund at the petro chemical site in Norfolk. Enviroseal are also working on several landfill sites installing liners for new cells and caps.

Enviroseal have a healthy looking order book for the rest of the year including installation of pond liners in Colchester and the South West, slurry lagoon liners in Cheshire, concrete bund liner in Newquay, liner for an oxidisation ditch in Newark and landfill projects in the UK and Ireland.

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