Floating Covers

Enviroseal have designed and installed floating covers for slurry lagoons and digestate storage lagoons across the country for several years. Our floating covers are designed with the principals of simplicity and practicality to ensure that our clients can use the lagoon as effectively as possible. All of the welded joints on Enviroseal’s floating covers are either air tested or vacuum box tested in accordance with industry guidelines.

With our experience in the agricultural and anerobic digestion industries we recognise that the requirements of each individual client are different and how the use of the lagoon differs from site to site. We can incorporate bespoke fittings in to the cover for elements such as inlet & outlet pipes, sumps, gas extraction and ventilation. Enviroseal can also design and install agitation/stirring systems for the lagoon.


  • The materials that we supply and install as floating covers have a minimum design life of 25 years and meet the requirements of the SSAFO regulations 2010 and Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) requirements
  • They are usually installed when the lagoons are empty and as all the work is done on site sp they fit the shape of the lagoon exactly
  • Rainwater built up on top of the cover can be collected and reused as required without damage to the cover.
  • The cover is completely secured around the perimeter of the lagoon in an anchor trench which avoids any wind damage and prevents rainwater mixing with the slurry/digestate.
  • Enviroseal provide a 25-year warranty on all materials and installations.

Floating Covers

Floating covers prevent rainwater from mixing with the slurry/digestate which reduces the loss of nitrogen from the liquid and maximises the storage capacity of the lagoon. The cover also acts as a barrier from any unwanted debris, i.e., bird droppings, leaves, dirt; this stops the contamination of the liquid. Importantly by covering the lagoon this stops odours that could cause problems if close to residential areas or nearby villages and towns and reduces ammonia emissions. Floating covers also prevent evaporation and growth of algae and unwanted organisms.

As part of DEFRA’s Clean Air Strategy 2019 it was a recommended requirement for slurry and digestate stores to be covered by 2027. This is to reduce emissions from the lagoons and may be phased in for larger stores before that date. The recommendation is expected to be adopted and form part of the government legislation with grant funding available in certain areas.