Enviroseal take the lead in AD design

anaerobic digestion plant

April 2015

The design team at Enviroseal have been working closely with our client and his engineers this month to develop a geosynthetic system for lining a new anaerobic digestion plant in Andover. The project requires a geosynthetic leakage detection system, secondary containment and below ground insulation. We have also worked with our pipe division to design bespoke fittings for the project. They have designed a similar system to line an anaerobic digestion storage lagoon with a bespoke floating cover for a project in Norfolk.
Onsite work has continued on the major lining job for the new mine in Plymouth with works on the 96,000m² scheme expected to be completed in early July. Amongst other ongoing works in landfill capping liners and Anaerobic Digestion the technicians have also installed a geomembrane on a brown field site to act as containment for soils contaminated with Japanese knotweed, installed a liner for an attenuation pond near Leeds and a lake liner for a private client near Nottingham.
Works secured this month include further projects for landfill capping liners, a golf course lake liner, slurry lagoon liners and a pond liner for an ornamental trout lake.

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