Enviroseal secure new blue chip client

Nottingham Golf Course

May 2015

Enviroseal have continued the extensive number of projects in the anaerobic digestion sector this month by lining several storage tanks across the UK to provide secondary containment and leakage detection. We have also secured works to line tank bunds on other AD projects as well as digestiate storage lagoons.
The liner for a new lake at a prestigious resort and golf course in Nottingham was installed and included the use of soil retention matting to the perimeter for landscaping. The technicians completed the installation of a fish pond liner using a textured geomembrane for an ornamental trout lake on a private estate. Works also completed this month included a slurry lagoon liner and another pond liner for a client in Wales.
We are also delighted that Enviroseal have secured an earthworks and lining project with a new multinational blue chip company. Works will commence in June and will involve an extensive audit of the company’s health and safety procedures and installation methods by the clients external auditors.

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