Enviroseal exhibits at UK AD & Biogas show

July 2015

The major lining project for the new mine in Plymouth has been completed. A total of over 96,000m² of geomembrane and GCL was installed and tested for the tailings dam at the mine. Further works are expected to be carried out later in the year or spring 2016.
The first week in July saw Enviroseal exhibit at the UK AD & Biogas annual show. UK AD & Biogas is the UK’s only dedicated anaerobic digestion and biogas trade show. The show was very successful for the company which lead to a number of enquiries from clients new and old. We were also able to speak directly to AD plant owners and operators about technical issues and guidance for lagoon liners and leakage detection systems for tanks.
Projects across the country during July included the installation of lining for an attenuation pond in Scotland, anaerobic digestion lagoon liners in the South West, temporary and permanent landfill capping liners and liners for brown field regeneration sites.

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