Enviroseal a Market Leader in Geomembranes

September 2012

Enviroseal’s diverse range of services and flexible products has ensured our on-going growth in to various expanding markets across the UK and worldwide.
In the anaerobic digestion sector we have completed several projects for secondary containment installing geomembranes on tank bases, tank walls, bunds and to the basement of buildings. The success of the projects, both locally and internationally, have led to numerous enquiries and contracts with the company being considered the market leader in the sector. We are also offering our clients the installation of Vinyl Ester based resin reinforced with chopped strand glass fibre mat for the internal protection of both concrete and steel tanks.

The civil’s division finished a major groundwork’s project in the midlands which included the construction of several concrete structures. The project was successfully completed and handed over two weeks early, much to the delight of the client.

The geosynthetics division have been awarded several projects including landfill capping’s amounting to in excess of 200,000m², more works in the petro chemical sector installing geomembranes to both new and existing bunds, pond and lake lining projects, slurry lagoon liners and projects in ground remediation and hazardous containment.

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