Enviroseal bringing Quality Assurance to the Anaerobic Digestion sector

Enviroseal have been working in the anaerobic digestion sector for several years and are viewed by many within the industry as the experts in the design and installation of geosynthetics for containment and storage of digestate. One of the biggest concerns AD operators have is compliance with legislation for digestate storage and containment on their sites. Enviroseal have worked closely with Environment Agency officers and designers to provide solutions to meet planning conditions, legislation and Environment Agency requirements.

Enviroseal have a long history of working on hazardous containment projects including landfill cell lining and capping’s. To ensure the materials are suitable and installation is carried out to the highest possible standards an independent engineer is engaged to monitor works on site and produce a validation report. Enviroseal have always operated to these standards on every project but the anaerobic digestion sector currently does not have the same level of quality control and this type of report is not produced.

The company approached one of our clients, Rockscape Energy, who have a large AD plant in North Lincolnshire to see if they would be willing to allow Enviroseal to engage CQA International Ltd to produce a validation report on the installation of the new liner to an anaerobic digestate storage lagoon. Rockscape Energy shared our desire to improve the quality control in this area of their business and where delighted to have this service as part of the project. The Environment Agency are also supportive of the initiative and provided input as to what should be covered in the scope of the report. We have also sought advice from BTTG Testing & Certification Limited regarding the laboratory testing of materials and seams.

The validation report will cover and include –

· Executive summary of project.

· Summary of formation works including soil description and final surface preparation.

· Materials inventory and inspection including delivery reports, manufacturers’ quality control documentation and assessment against design specification.

· UKAS accredited laboratory conformance testing of HDPE geomembrane and geotextiles utilised to prove conformance against manufacturers DOP, design specification and daily seam performance.

· Site records including engineer’s diary, photographic record of installation works and lining machinery suitability for use checks.

· Installation records detailing, material utilised, seam lengths, repair type and reason for repair, destructive pre-start seams and non-destructive testing of all seams and patches.

· A detailed plan of panel deployment and repair locations.

The validation report will be presented in a format that is typical for the approval of containment systems in the UK and many other countries worldwide, providing a comprehensive record of the works and confirming that the containment system has been installed to the required standards.

This will be the first project in the UK to have this level of quality control and Enviroseal are hopeful that other AD operators will follow suit and demand an increase in standards.

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