April 2018

Enviroseal have completed the first phase of the Haulbowline capping project in County Cork installing 1mm HDPE liner and pozidrain geocomposite. The further phases are scheduled for the second quarter of the year.

We have completed the lining of two slurry lagoons in Essex and Cornwall. The projects where 1,500m2 and 4,250m2 and lined using 2.0mm HDPE and protection geotextile.

Two projects at separate golf courses were also completed with an on-course lake in Kendall and a feature lake in Warwickshire. These where both lined using 1.0mm LLDPE and protection geotextile.

Enviroseal installed the lining system for a water irrigation lagoon at an equestrian centre near Chester. The rain water collected from the roofs of the buildings will be stored in the lagoons and used for washing down the yard and for irrigation of the plants and shrubs.

We also have a number of anerobic digestion projects, slurry lagoons, bio pile lining and attenuation tank projects commencing during the next few weeks and a 21,000m2 water storage reservoir in Kent

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