Anaerobic Digestion carbon Filter

August 2013

In August the lining division installed a geomembrane for a temporary diversion of the river Arrow in Worcestershire. Working closely with the main contractor Enviroseal provided input not only on the specification and installation of the liner for the river diversion but on the shape and size of the diversion. This allowed the main contractor to stay within the overall works programme which was key to the project.

As part of a conservation area on a new exclusive housing estate Enviroseal installed wildlife pond liners to five ponds in Surrey. The materials and shape of the pond were specifically designed and selected to create a suitable habitat for local wildlife.

Enviroseal developed a design for a custom-built carbon filter for an Anaerobic Digestion plant. The client provided the requirements and specification and our technical department produced design drawings that were used to fabricate the carbon filter. The design had to incorporate the ability to safely and easily fill and empty the filter as well as connect to the existing system.

The lining division are continuing works installing landfill capping liners across the country and secured further works in Ireland, Warwickshire, Tamworth and East Sussex. We have also been appointed to supply and install reed bed liners to projects in Scotland and West Sussex.

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