Anaerobic Digestion and Ground Remediation Projects in early 2013

February 2013

Enviroseal have handed over several projects already this year including work in the Anaerobic Digestion and Ground Remediation sectors.

An Anaerobic Digestion project in Hampshire, involving both the lining division and pipe division, to install geosynthetics to a digestate lagoon and a complex pipe network was completed on schedule despite the adverse weather conditions on the site.

This is project, alongside several others on site and due to commence in the first quarter of 2013, means that Enviroseals’ work load in the Anaerobic Digestion sector is growing rapidly. Our services have expanded to include installation of secondary containment and leakage detection to concrete AD tanks, geomembrane installation for digestate/slurry lagoons, HDPE pipe installation and bund lining for spill containment.

The lining division completed phase 2 of the installation of a Japanese Knotweed barrier in Wales early in the year. Enviroseal again provided the client with technical advice during the design development stage and fabricated bespoke fittings for the project. Enviroseal have also secured work in the South East to install treatment pads for contaminated materials.

Projects in the oil and gas sector are also continuing with works on site in Norfolk nearing completion. There have been a number of technical challenges that have been resolved in close collaboration with the clients’ engineers. Once completed and tested the solution for spill containment on this existing concrete bund will be the first of its kind in the UK.

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