After a Challenging year, work continues in 2021

As with every company across the country 2020 was a challenging year for Enviroseal. The first two quarters of the year we worked on projects to support the food production industry, council infrastructure and utilities services. The schemes included lining of reservoirs, attenuation ponds, reed bed liners and slurry lagoon liners.

We adapted to a new way of working as the year went on and became increasingly busy across all sectors of the industry. We supplied and installed slurry lagoon liners across the UK including Devon, Cumbria, Somerset, Dorset, and Scotland. Reservoir lining projects where completed in the New Forrest, Berkshire, and Chichester. One of the most popular applications over the summer was for pond and lake linings which were used as swimming pools for private clients.

The anerobic digestion sector was also very active with storage lagoons lined in Dover, Chichester, Slurry and North Yorkshire. Working with our client Enviroseal have designed a bespoke floating cover that allows for gas extraction from the digestate storage lagoons, agitation system and leakage detection.

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