5 new lakes for the Isle of Man

September 2015

Enviroseal are working on a diverse range of projects during September. The technicians are installing liners to a number of attenuation ponds across the country, anaerobic digestion bund liners and lagoon liners, wild life lake and ponds, storage clamp liners, slurry lagoon liners and landfill capping liners. The technicians are progressing with the lining a new anaerobic digestion plant in Andover alongside Enviroseal’s pipe division.
After an initial site visit during July to discuss the design and installation of geosynthetics Enviroseal are delighted to have secured the project for five lakes. The lakes on the Isle of Man will be part of a new fishing resort which is the first of its kind on the island. The geosynthetic design required the way the fish feed as well as the construction of the lakes to be considered. Works are expected commence later in the year.

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