Working alongside Water treatment contractors

Slurry Lagoon with floating cover

Containment lining in the Anerobic Digestion sector has continued to provide a variety of interesting projects for the company. The installation of the lining system with leakage detection and a floating cover for a digestate storage lagoon in Yorkshire is due to be completed this month and handed over to the client. The bespoke system includes gas extraction from below the floating cover. Works also include the installation of the agitation pipes for the digestate lagoon, leak detection pipe as well as inlets and outlets.

Enviroseal are continuing to work alongside one of the country’s leading water treatment specialist contractors on a programme of reed bed refurbishments for a utilities company. Three projects in the first two months of the year in Shropshire and Gloucestershire will see the company install 1.0mm geomembranes with protection geotextiles to five reed beds as the lining system.

In the first two moths of the new year Enviroseal have also been active across a wide-ranging variety of projects across the country. These included slurry lagoon linings both with and without floating covers, reservoir liners for agricultural clients and attenuation pond liners using both GCL and geomembranes.

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