September 2016

Enviroseal have enjoyed one of the busiest summers in the company’s history during 2016. The anaerobic digestion sector was a substantial part of the work load with lining and leakage detection systems installed in storage lagoons ranging from 2,000m² to 25,900m². Several of the lined storage lagoons had our in house designed floating covers installed after the lagoon lining was completed. The technicians also installed geomembranes to tanks and tank bunds as secondary containment and as part of our leakage detection system. Our design engineers worked with one of our key clients to construct a first of its kind anaerobic digester in Hampshire which is now operational.

Reservoirs and slurry lagoon liners also formed a substantial part of our projects with our clients in the agricultural sector. A 21,000m² reservoir was completed over the summer on a project in Chichester with a similar size project due to start in October this year. Slurry lagoon liners, many with floating covers, where installed at various sites across the country including Devon, Norfolk, Cumbria and Yorkshire.

The five lakes on the Isle of Man where completed and handed over to our client. The lined lakes form part of a new fishing resort which is the first of its kind on the island. Several lakes for private clients, golf courses, holiday resorts and tourist attractions have also been completed.

Enviroseal have a similarly full order book for the last quarter of 2016 including the next phase of the tailings dam in Devon which is 40,000m², a 21,000m² reservoir in Norfolk, 8,500m² floating cover to an existing lagoon, 100,000m² capping of a landfill site in a geosynthetic clay liner and two ornamental lake liners Cornwall.

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