September, October and November 2018 News

Going in to the final quarter of 2018 Enviroseal have been active across a wide-ranging variety of projects across the country. The projects included slurry lagoon linings both with and without leakage detection, reservoir liners, landfill capping in both GCL and LLDPE, landfill basal lining in 2.0mm HDPE, 7,000m2 attenuation pond lining in Aberdeen using […]


The continued good weather has meant Enviroseal have been extremely busy across all sectors of the industry installing liners to lakes, reservoirs, landfill site, anaerobic digestion, slurry lagoons, water irrigation lagoons. wildlife ponds, land remediation and mining. We have completed stage 3.1 of the lining system on the tailings dam at Hemerdon Tungsten Mine. This […]


Posts In May and June Enviroseal have been working on a diverse range of projects including lakes, reservoirs, landfill capping/cell linings, slurry lagoons, land remediation and anaerobic digestion Technicians have been working on three separate islands during May. Enviroseal where working on a 13,500m2 landfill cell installing 2.0mm HDPE and protection geotextile. In Cork we […]

April 2018

Enviroseal have completed the first phase of the Haulbowline capping project in County Cork installing 1mm HDPE liner and pozidrain geocomposite. The further phases are scheduled for the second quarter of the year. We have completed the lining of two slurry lagoons in Essex and Cornwall. The projects where 1,500m2 and 4,250m2 and lined using […]

March 2018

During the first quarter of the year Enviroseal have secured projects in England, Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland and on the continent. Projects included an 84,000m2 landfill capping in 1mm double textured LLDPE and geocomposite for a major contractor in County Cork. slurry lagoons in Ayrshire Scotland & Epping, lining of a bio pile for […]

January 2018

A good start to the new year, despite the weather, has seen Enviroseal Lining Solutions complete a wide range of varied projects. These include a slurry lagoon at a dairy farm in Co. Durham lined with 2mm HDPE & protection geotextile, two Reed beds totalling 2,300m2 lined with 1mm LLDPE between two layers of geotextile […]